November 12, 2007

hello .   my name is charles webster baer .   I live in bend , oregon , usa .   today is november 12 , 2007 .    this is my blog about gig .   gig is global internet government .

gig is my idea for a web site .   I got this idea in the spring of 2000 in portland , oregon .   gig will monitor all the financial transactions of every government on earth .   this is called media speculation .   it is also called freedom of speech .   gig will have chat rooms for every city on earth .    every city of earth ( a city has a population of over 10 , 000 people, according to gig ) will have a moderated and an un moderated chat room .   each chat room will have one level for every 10 , ooo people in the city .    every post in the un moderated chat room will not be able to be altered , edited , deleted , censored , or banned by any one , including the person who wrote it .    posts that the gig mods feel are relevant or accurate will be raised a few levels to the moderated chat rooms .   the better the posts , the more the rise in chat level .  

as gig evolves and improves , gig will gain influence .    gig will use this influence to push the gig agenda .   the gig agenda is two things and two things O N L Y .   the first thing , obviously , is , freedom of speech on line .   every human on earth has the right to post whatever he or she wants without being banned , censored , edited , etc .    that is freedom of speech , and thats a big deal, especially on line .    the second thing is womens rights .    every woman has the right to control her own body .   every woman on earth has the right to decide for her self if she wishes to be and or stay pregnant .    every government on earth must provide all women with total and free access to every form of birth control including abortion .    those are the two , and the only two , parts of the gig agenda .   any government that does not agree with the gig agenda is an illegitimate government and will be replaced by gig quickly and peacefully .     gig feels that the human race must be saved .   gig feels that the only way to do this is to save the environment .   gig feels that the only way to save the environment is to create a substantial and sustained decrease in the human population .    gig feels that these facts are self evident .    gig feels that if you disagree with the gig agenda that there is a chance that in the future you may be able to increase your level of intelligence .    gig wishes you the best of luck with that .

gig actually comes in three parts .    the first and most important part of gig is gig .   the other two parts are wimon and chzl .    wimon is world internet monitoring organization nation .    wimon will keep track of all the gig’s out there and rate them .    the most accurate gigs will be given the highest ratings .    on the last few hours , hawaiian time , lol , of every year , Im serious , every gig will hand deliver thier economic predictions for the following year to wimon .    gnp , spending , taxes , aid , etc , for every government on earth .    wimon will tell everyone which gigs were close and which ones were way off .   eventually , the best gig will be chosen by wimon to become the one , real , official , legal gig .    there is no time table for this however I will consume large amounts of beer on this day .   

chzl .    chzl does not stand for anything .    chzl will be in charge of forming and enforcing all the economic treaties and economic alliances between all the participating countries .    this will go down much like the formation of the european economic union in the 1990’s .   nafta , free trade agreements , one currancy , etc .    chzl will work very closely with the united nations and the international monetary fund .    to put it bluntly , the time has not yet arrived to remove the stupid people from the earth .   however , the time is now to remove the stupid people from the governments of earth .  

to that effect , yes , I , charles webster baer , am running for president of the usa .   I am for less government , less taxes , zero immigration , capital punishment , legalization of drugs , pro abortion , anti school prayer , isolationism , blowing up terrorists , etc .   I was born and raised in santa cruz , california .   I went to high school in newport , rhode island .   I graduated from the university of hawaii at hilo on the big island in 1994 .    in 1995 I moved to santa fe , new mexico .   Im buddhist , I dont have any kids , Ive never been married , and I like to watch football and paint .

for futher information you may google charles webster baer or e mail me at

2008gig@gmail.com or go to http://gig2008.freeforums.org to chat